Trintiy Rooms

Trinity Rooms

The Trinity Rooms, aptly named for their 3 private spaces, are idyllic for intimate private parties or as an extension of Main Dining Room perfect for pre-function hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, double-sided buffets or additional seating for up to 70. Featuring stunning views of Duke University and downtown Durham, the Trinity Rooms can be used together or divided as such…

  • Trinity A, the largest of the Trinity Rooms, offers views of Durham and is ideal for groups of 15-20.
  • Enjoy an intimate dining experience in our cozy Trinity B room; perfect for romantic dinners or private meetings up to 8 people with a view.
  • Featuring elegant hardwood flooring and glass French doors, Trinity C is a natural compliment to the Club’s mahogany décor and its view of Duke Chapel is a Member favorite. Trinity C is ideal for groups of 12-14 or as an extension of the Main Dining room as a dance floor for groups of 75-80.

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    Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee

    Owner, Managing Partner




    • I worked in 6 different positions here before becoming owner
    • I have to eat pizza once a week
    • Majored in Journalism & Mass Communication
    • I love to laugh. Real belly laughs.
    • My daughter Ella is my mini-me.
    • I sang in an all-female a cappella group in college
    • I was born in Anchorage, Alaska
    • Confident that LOST is the best TV series of all time
    • Evenings are best kicked off with a glass prosecco